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This is the first in a four-part series of candidate profiles for state-wide offices.  As a good-government and taxpayer advocacy organization, OSTPA looks at each office through the lens of providing effective government at a sustainable cost to businesses and individuals, ultimately leading to prosperity for all RI citizens.


Candidate Profiles - Secretary of State -

John Carlevale and Nellie Gorbea


When Voter ID finally passed, we thought our work was done.  But, since its passage, bills have been put forward each year to reverse that most important piece of legislation - legislation that helps ensure each and every voter is not disenfranchised by someone fraudulently stealing that right to vote, as happened with state Representative Anastasia Williams.  Although it was the General Assembly's role to legislate Voter ID, the Secretary of State carried significant weight when it came to using the bully pulpit, helping to usher the bill through the process, as well as performing the duty of executing the law efficiently and effectively.  The new Secretary of State will continue to carry that same responsibility.


The Facts on Voter ID.

In their efforts to pass a Voter ID law, two of the biggest supporters were Providence Representative Anastasia Williams (who identifies as African American and Panamanian-American) and Providence Senator Harold Metts (a senior citizen, an African American and a deacon).  Both of these supporters represent people the critics say would be disenfranchised by Voter ID requirements.  These two broke the mold when they not only came out in full support of the law, but also recounted stories of voter fraud


Steve Frias, a regulatory lawyer, wrote an article detailing the history of voter fraud in this state.   


In the Providence Journal's recent article, "RI's Voting List Doesn't Add Up," it was astounding to read that there are an estimated 180,000 more registered RI voters than the US Census Bureau numbers would suggest. 


With extraordinary figures like that, with support from the very people the critics claim are disenfranchised by the law, and with a poll that indicates 75% of the American public supports requirement for a photo ID,  where do you stand on the issue of Voter ID? 


The two candidates for the Secretary of State's Office have opposing views on the Voter ID law.  Nellie Gorbea opposes it on the presumption that it will disenfranchise voters who, theoretically, might have difficulty obtaining an ID.  John Carlevale maintains that photo IDs are readily available and do not create a hurdle to our most cherished right to vote.


In addition to their opposing views on Voter ID, both candidates also support various other initiatives within the realm of the Office of Secretary of State.  Some of those initiatives are listed below.


In November, you must decide which candidate addresses the issues that are important to you.  We encourage you to access their website and review their interviews on both Dan Yorke's State of Mind and the State of the State program produced by John Carlevale.




John Carlevale Profile

Carlevale's website

Carlevale on Dan Yorke's State of Mind  (View at 10:00 minutes)

Carlevale on State of the State



  • Supports Voter ID law
  • Supports Constitutional Convention
  • Supports lobbyist oversight reform
  • Supports improvements in our voting machines
  • Supports run-off elections
  • Supports providing context for ballot questions in voter handbook
  • Supports improved civics education curriculum for children





Nellie Gorbea Profile

Gorbea's website

Gorbea on Dan Yorke's State of Mind (View at 10:57)

Gorbea on State of the State


  • Does not support Voter ID law; Supports repeal of Voter ID law
  • Does not support Constitutional Convention
  • Supports lobbyist oversight reform
  • Supports expanded access to mail in ballots
  • Supports online voter registration
  • Supports improvements to data collection of new businesses
  • Deputy Secretary of State 2002 - 2006



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