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                               Quick Alert 
Don’t miss a beat!  OSTPA’s Quick Alert provides RI citizens with a portal to engage the legislative process on the weeks we don’t publish a Full Alert.
Coventry residents:
For Central Coventry residents, the nightmare of not knowing how they will be protected against fire after May 16th is continuing to unfold. Because the fire district was declared bankrupt, the Superior Court ordered the district be liquidated by that date. To allow for a replacement fire district, Representative Morgan’s bill, H 7906, which creates a new Main Fire District in Coventry (subject to voter approval) will be heard this Thursday in House Municipal GovernmentAn interesting section of the legislation specifically requires a forward look of 10 years as it relates to the cost of any labor contracts prior to entering into a new agreement. If you are a Coventry resident, gather some neighbors and support Representative Morgan and co-sponsor Representative Chippendale at the State House to move Coventry’s fire district forward with a proposal that is expected to provide public safety at a more affordable price to its taxpayers.   
                  Legislative Hearings 4/1/14 - 4/3/14
House Labor       Chairwoman Williams   
Room 205, Rise (4:30)
H 7697  Removes the mandate that state bid contracts include apprenticeships and provides only that the contractor be notified of the ability to utilize apprenticeship programs on contracts over $10 million.  
This bill is the antidote to the next bill, H 7623
Sponsors: Nunes, Marcello, Hearn and Jacquard
H 7623  Mandates that public works projects over $1 million include apprenticeship hours of 15%, adding to the cost of municipal and state projects.
Sponsors: Carnevale, DeSimone, Hull, Bennett and Guthrie
House Finance          Chairman Gallison  
Room 35, Rise (4:30)
H 7818  Proposes a $75 million bond to fund the Neighborhood Opportunities Program, which means more debt for the state.
Sponsor: Ferri
House Finance            Chairman Gallison  
Room 35, Rise (4:30)
H 7471   Increases the top bracket for personal income tax by 2% (from 5.99% to 7.99%) over $250,000.
Sponsors: Cimini, Valencia, Guthrie, Bennett and Tanzi
H 7552   Increases the top bracket for personal income tax by 4.01% (from 5.99% to 10%) over $200,000 for individuals and $250,000 for married.
Sponsors: Valencia, Cimini, Ajello, Walsh, Tanzi
House Health, Education and Welfare     Chairman McNamara  
Room 101, Rise (4:30) 
H 7672   Prohibits the use of a standardized test as a requirement for graduation.
Sponsors: Naughton, McLaughlin, Cimini, Ferri and Amore
H 7836   Removes standardized testing as a specific requirement for graduation.
Sponsors: Tanzi, Coderre, Ferri, Amore and O’Grady
House Environment and Natural Resources     Chairman Handy    
Room 205, Rise (4:30)
H 7904  Titled the “Climate Change Adaption and Mitigation - Resilient RI Act of 2014”, this bill has tentacles that reach into every level of government, state and municipality, to ensure that building codes target greenhouse gas reduction of 85% by 2050 and to mandate that users pay inflated energy rates to cover the cost of a target 25% usage of renewable energy by 2025. (see OSTPA’s article in GoLocal Prov)
Sponsors: Handy, Ruggiero, Walsh, Keable and Naughton
House Municipal Government        Chairman Craven  
Room 203, Rise (4:30)
H 7875  Adds more mandates to fire districts/departments that will increase the cost of public safety and thereby increase property taxes.  
Sponsors: Morin, Casey, Guthrie, Jacquard and Mattiello
Side Note:
The bill to allow cities and towns to issue bonds through the Road and Bridge Revolving Fund, without voter approval, passed into law last week, without the Governor’s signature.


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